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Expert Advice

How do you know if your child is ready for their first haircut?

Your child's hair is just as unique as your child! No two children are alike, so why would their hair be the same?! Some kids need a haircut when they are just six months old, whereas others can wait until they are three.

That brings us to one of the most popular questions I hear:

How do you know when it's time for that 1st haircut?

Again, there is more than one answer.

  • When people start asking you how old she is- but she is a he, that's clue # 1.
  • When the hair is getting in their eyes or growing down their neck and making them uncomfortable.
  • When you start to see "wings", flyaway hair on the sides.

It's time for baby's 1st haircut!

So now that you have decided baby is ready, here is some advice to make it easier for both child and parents.

First Haircut Tips

Call ahead and make an appointment and let them know over the phone that this is your child's first haircut.

Schedule the appointment for a time of day that is good for your child (i.e.- not before naptime, when your child is hungry, or at a time of day when he or she is generally cranky.)

When talking to a child about a haircut, you might want to use another word such as "trim" or "style". Cut can be a scary word for a child, since it is typically used in a negative way.

Use nicknames for some of the equipment that can frighten children. For example, call the blow-dryer the "wind machine" or the buzzer "Mr. Tickle".

Bring some distractions if you are not going to a kid's salon. At Kids Hair Salon, we have car styling chairs, videos, lollipops and a stylist who is experienced with children. Of course you can provide your own distractions.

Bring a snack along and a spare t-shirt - in case they don't want to put the cape on. Kids Hair Salon has snacks for purchase as well if you forget.

Remember to relax! If you are nervous or overly emotional, a child will pick up on it right away. Often times, baby's 1st haircut is harder for the parents than the child!

Bring your camera or video camera along to capture the special moment and share with friends and families.

At Kids Hair Salon, we give you a First Haircut Certificate with a lock of your child's hair attached to commemorate the occasion, as well as a lollipop and sticker, all at NO extra fee.

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